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Thank you for participating in the continuing education program at the 2018 Conference and Convention of the American Council of the Blind.

We are aware that in many cases, the beginning and ending codes that were to be announced at the CEC sessions did not happen.  We apologize for this inconvenience and we will take steps to insure that there will not be a repeat of this issue in 2019.  In the meantime, please contact Lane Waters at 612-332-3242 or at for your missing codes.

Following are the instructions that were given all attendees before the 2018 Conference.  Please read the instructions below to insure that you complete all of the steps necessary to receive your continuing education credits.

1.  Your pre-registration receipt will show the continuing education sessions for which you have registered.  You may wish to review the session dates and times when you pick up your packet.

2.  Be sure that you arrive at your sessions on time and that you stay until the end of each one.  A unique code will be given at the beginning of the session, and another code at the end of the session.  Codes will not be repeated later in the session or later in the day.  Please make note of both codes.

3.  Attached please find two forms.  The first is an evaluation form in both regular and large print, and you must complete one evaluation for each continuing education session for which you have registered.  

Feel free to copy the form as many times as needed; for example, if you are seeking CE credit for three sessions, you will need to complete three evaluations - one for each session.  Evaluations may be completed while at the convention or after you return home.

4.  The second form is the ACB CEC Report Form.  In order to obtain your CE credits, you must complete this form.  Information needed includes the name of each session you attend, the date and time of the session, and the beginning and ending codes for each session.  

Each code is unique.  Beginning codes will be given just prior to the start of the presentation, and will not be repeated during the session.  Ending codes will be given at the close of the presentation, and will not be repeated later.  You are responsible for attending each session in its entirety and for making note of each code and adding it to your form, either at the time of the session, later at the convention, or when you return home.

5.  Email the evaluations and CEC Report Form no later than July 31, 2018 to  Upon receipt of these forms, ACB will issue a certificate to you by email indicating the total credits you have earned during the 2018 conference and convention.

 It is your responsibility to forward your completed certificate to ACVREP.  ACB will also retain your completed forms and associated certificate for five years, as required by ACVREP.

For questions related to the ACB continuing education program, please call (877)630-7190 or email  You may also wish to visit for more information on certification and re-certification requirements.

Thank you again for your interest and participation.