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First Name Last Name Group Name
City State/Province Postal/Zip Code
Email Daytime Phone Cellphone
Name of Contact Person Prior to Convention Name of Contact Person At the Convention  
Please describe any special skills, abilities, work experience or limitations that will help us in assigning your volunteer duties.

(dates shown below are the dates that volunteers are needed)
Step 1: Select a location where you would like to volunteer.
Step 2: Select the times of day you will be available to volunteer.

  Choose One Location Choose Times Available
  O'Hare Midway Hotel 7am-11am 11am-3pm 3pm-7pm 7pm-11pm
July 2   
July 3 
July 4 
July 5     
July 6     
July 7     
July 8     
July 9     
July 10     
July 11